Tortured Ice

Snowfolly Foundation is opgericht door Guus Boudestein, één van de eigenaren van Ontwerpwerk met als doel het maken van ruimtelijke objecten in sneeuw of ijs. Snowfolly Foundation was te gast op festivals in de hele (noordelijke) wereld.

The Snowfolly Foundation asked Ed Annink: can you do something with a block of ice? He considered that ice is in a way tortured water and that maybe ice could be tortured back. So he built an installation in which torches really ‘hurt’ the ice to the point that it melted. The water was caught in buckets and the sound of the dripping water was amplified. People watched and listened at the performance in Zeebelt, a small theatre in The Hague. The experiment was repeated later in The Hague City Hall (Atrium) with three blocks of ice and three musicians improvising on electronic instruments to the sound of the falling droplets. The melting music was put on CD.

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